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« : 18 Aralık 2017, 11:14:34 »

I'm setting up a webpage for a friend who is building small shacks, RVs and Trailer Homes and wanted a way to display some of his works virtually.
1) How do I limit the travel of the Virtual Visitor to just around about 50ft away from the "house"? AS IS, one can just continue walking the virtual visitor to infinity, I would like this to be limited to a set range (a bigger "house" needs a further distance to see it all).
2) This is probably with SH3D and not the SH3D Viewer, but how do I make the home more realistic looking and less cartoony. Of course, this will require some work with objects, textures and shadowings but how it is done to improve the image? Unfortunately this may bring on the cost of newer faster processors to get things going faster with larger files.
Is there a way to add a "Home" button to the viewer that would put the virtual viewer/camera back to where it started when it loads?

Please Help.   
Thanks !
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